To be successful in blogging you must have a sequence of a actions regularly followed, It might seems funny but that is the pure fact. In Every successful blogger there is always a daily active performed on the blog.

Definition Of Routine

These are the commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical or everyday activity:
the routine of an office.

Best Way A Blogger Routine Should Be Daily

Below are the sequence of a blogger routine:

  1. Approving Of Blog Comments Regularly:

    Approval of readers feedback must be your daily priority because a late approval of blog comments can make a reader not to comeback to your blog. Or if you’re the lazy type you can just set your blog comment approval to automatic.

  2. Always Make A Plan For Your Blog

    Draw your map.

  3. Be Present On Your Blog

    As a full-time blogger your job is to be active on your blog 24/7.

  4. Check Your Ranking, Search console And SEO

    You always have to check your Alexa rank, seo and search engines if they are going well, and also check your sitemaps all the time to check if your blog is well crawl and index, or if there is error or not.

  5. Check Your Earnings


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  1. Sup Tomi

    If I may add….. “Always check your subscribers”…… (This one if very important). If I don’t check mine a day, malaria will be doing me…. (Hehe)

    Seriously, routines are awesome…

    I will never underestimate the importance of routine in my day activities….

    Having a routine helps keep check of time and unnecessary activities that could distract you…

    These routine are good tops…..

    If I may also say something (hehe, I love saying stuff), becoming successful in blogging doesn’t have a fixed map or something that you must follow.

    Why do I say so?

    Keeping ‘luck’ aside, you may continue in these routine and yet never become successful.

    The journey to becoming successful starts with every blogger understanding their why.

    Stuffs like “Why do you want to write a blog post?”
    Why do you blog?
    Why does your blog exist?

    Same way you should ask yourself, “Why do you wake up in the morning?”, “Why should anyone care?”

    All road leads to “Goal”…..

    Goal = BluePrint / Map of success.

    Nice blog you’ve got here.


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