Etisalat has been involved in some earlier saga with 12 Nigerians banks to the point that the banks almost took over Etisalat  but NCC came to their rescue. Etisalat recently offered 5% equity stake to the banks in lieu of the loan but the banks rejected it.

Take into account that
Previous month Data from ncc discovered that mtn has the most important subscribers facts base of 60.Three million subscribers, accompanied with the aid of glo 37.Three million subscribers and airtel 34.6 million. Etisalat been the nicher has 18million subscribers statistics base.

This is why glo might be interested by acquiring etisalat
1. Globacom can drastically get the wide variety two position by using acquiring etisalat subscribers (37.3m+18m subscribers).

2. Sales generated from statistics is unexpectedly beginning to outweigh voice and sms consequently consolidation is expected. Also keep in mind that etisalat has a aggressive advantage in its facts offerings and a probable merger with globacom, might allow the employer to offer less expensive facts services.

Glo currently gives the most inexpensive statistics plans inside the country consistent with gb, so proudly owning etisalat’s 18m subs right away increases their avg. Revenue consistent with person.

This might simply manifest if this rumor is actual
>>smaller gamers like ntel, spectranet, smile will do all they could to kick towards the deal as it will deliver globacom undue benefit due to the fact globacom has devoted fibre-optic infrastructure and have enough money to provide the most inexpensive statistics plans to her subscribers

>>the merger may want to cause job loss from etisalat considering it is the smaller company.
Take this information with a pinch of salt till whilst confirmed!

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  1. I laugh in Spanish…..

    This is interesting…..

    You remember how Microsoft acquired Nokia?

    Yeah… same faith that befell Nokia could befall Etisalat.

    I could just sit on your blog and give you 101 reasons why Glo would not succeed in/after Etisalat but….

    Maybe next time….


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