This Facebook features was tested sometimes last year in selected countries for iPhone users and now, it is global. It is now available for both Android and iPhone users all over the world.

They call this New featureFind Wi-Fi“, It was built directly into the Facebook App itself. Find Wi-Fi shows a full map of your surrounding and which establishments have WiFi Hotspot or Routers that you can connect to for free internet access.

Also, if you’re in an area where the mobile data is poor, You can use Find Wi-Fi to look for available free Wifi hotspot to connect.

How to find free Wi-Fi

Open your Facebook app >> Click on more tab >> Then Find WiFi.
Once in the WiFi tab, you may need to turn on your wireless connection, if it not on.

You can then browse the closest available free Hotspots on the map, And learn more about the business hosting them.

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I’ve confirmed that the free WiFi is already available in some locations in Lagos state and Kwara state Nigeria. For now, I don’t know about our states until you give it a shot and give a rating in comment.



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