Whether it is a car or a motorcycle, the engine is very important. That’s why Mozilla has proudly unveil the Beta version of a brand new Firefox which is completely modernized. Calling it Firefox 57 does not sound right, which is why this version is named Firefox Quantum.

Well, The browser is still in the beta stage and will run all through before the stable version will be release on Nov 14th 2017 says Mozilla. Project Quantum is something, Mozilla has been working on for a while and is such a big leap that you’ll instantly feel the difference while surfing your favorite websites.
A popular way of measuring the speed of a website is with the Speedometer 2.0 benchmark (that is currently still in development).

Mozilla encourage users to make their own comparisons, So here is a video summarizing the results following the comparison between Firefox Quantum and Chrome on several websites. Firefox Quantum is often perceived as faster.

Some of you might want to test the Beta version of Firefox Quantum on you device…. Below is the download link

Where can i download Firefox Quantum?

For PC users download here
For iOS users, download here
And for Android users, download here

Source Mozilla


  1. Google Chrome is actually my number #1 web browser. I don’t even want to know if they have updated anything but thanks much for keeping us updated and your blog is so amazing with nice information that keep users updated always


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