To all Swisscoin investors, It is very compulsory you have a web wallet so that you can tranfer all your Swisscoin’s to the wallet just like how you did with Bitcoin. Also, We are gradually getting closer to Swisscoin Public trading.

Guides on how to create SIC Web Wallet

  1. Login to your back office via
  2. Now click on basic data >>> My Data

3. Below your profile, You’ill see “Create SIC Wallet” shown below

4. It will open a new tab, then click on the “Create SIC Wallet” Shown above and enter a very strong password with at-least 9 characters ( combination of Upper case and Lower case, Digits and Special characters )

5. Now, Click on the blue button “Generate Wallet

6. Download your “Keystone File” in a secure location ( It is very important because it will be needed to login to your SIC wallet everytime ).

7. Write down your Private Key in safe location.

8. Copy your SIC address

9. Click on next  tab with “Access Existing Wallet” and select Keystone File

10. Now, enter your save keystone file.

11. Enter your password and you will be logged to your SIC web wallet.

Finally, How to Connect Your Sic Wallet Address to Your Backoffice

Login to your Dashboard >> Basic Data >> MyData >>  Edit your profile and add to your SIC Wallet address to field provided below;

Update your profile and your SIC address will now be visible in your overview for easier Swisscoin transfer.

Note ::: That you need to create this wallet otherwise you won’t be able to transfer your coins from your dashboard. Trading begins, August 1st 2017.


  1. I had no idea that there was such thing as a web wallet unless you count the one in my paypal. It was interesting to learn how I too can create a swisscoin walle, that is so inspiring! Thank you.

  2. Thank you for Sharing! I am not a tech person at all and I am not familiar with Bitcoin or Swisscoin but I have googled it! Thank you for your sharing the instructions above… It seems very east to install

  3. I’ve never heard of swisscoin before so now I am interested more in what it is. This post definitely peaked my interest and I’ll look more into it.

  4. i have seen a few online wallet programs and apps. I have never used them before but I have always been curious about them. It does seem like an interesting idea. Thanks for the information.

  5. While I’m familiar with Bitcoin, I am not with this. I assume they are similar, and serve the same purpose, right?


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