Throttling, LAN problems, or Android updates that bug: There are several reasons why your WiFi connection is slow on your Android device. But there is another possible explanation … Someone may be using your WiFi network without your knowledge! How to protect your router and how to block unwanted WiFi users for good? Here’s the solution.

How To Find out Who Uses My WiFi

The first thing to do is to verify that you are connected to the WiFi network you want to manage. Step two: Download the WiFi management application Fing – Network Tools.

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Once you have downloaded the application, Launch it: the Home screen will display the name of your network, as well as the Refresh and Settings keys. To view devices connected to your WiFi network, click the Refresh button. You will then access a list of devices with a symbol indicating whether it is a smartphone or a PC.

Click on any of these devices to see a list of possible interactions, including sending pings, Wake on LAN signals, activating one device from another, or controlling TCP ports.

How to block unwanted WiFi users

If you have spotted an unwanted user on your network, the next step is to block it forever. Fing allows you to access the MAC address (format xx: xx: xx: xx with numbers and letters) of each device connected to your network. Take note of this address.

  • On your computer connected to your WiFi router, enter the IP address of your router in the browser, and then on the next page enter the login details of your router (you should find a list of default passwords for your routers here).
  • Once you are logged into your router, find the Security options (its location varies depending on the different routers). You will probably find them in Advanced Settings .
    In Security , click Filter MAC, and then click Add Device.
  • Enter the MAC address of the device to be banned in the “MAC” field, give it a name if this option exists, click Apply, then OK.
  • Since you are logged in to your router, you can use it to change your password since it was probably cracked.

Have you ever been the victim of a pirating of your box? Are you taking protective measures?


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