Do you know that every online activities is been monitored By Google, They keep records of every website you’ve visited when logged in…. Google also keeps record of that junk file you’re secretly browsing, So, if you think you’re the only one that know but Google is Recording in 4D format.

Google is more of a search engine that performs online secret detective recording your online behavior, stories , your info and everything you do online.

So, if you are kind of a person that love to keep your data private, Then you will find this info useful.

How to see and delete everything Google knows and keep about your online activities.

¤ Goto My Activity and see for yourself everything Google have stored about your online secret activities. You can choose to delete them one by one or leave them for future purposes.

¤ Turn it off by heading to Activity Control before unselecting Web & App Activity, uncheck “Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services”.

¤ Still on “Activity Controls” page, You can also disable location tracking, contact and calendar storing, Google’s ability to record and store your voice recordings, and YouTube search and watch history.

Hope this helps?


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