ORII Smart Ring, The latest trending technology, A voice powered smart ring by Origami Labs which turns your finger into a smartphone. And not only that, Orion smart ring also turn your fingertips into a Bluetooth earpiece as well as allowing you control your smartphone using only your voice just like Google Siri. I’m guessing you’re gonna love it.

The ORII smart ring works by just touching your ear, then you can make calls, send messages, set reminder or anything else Siri and Google assistant can also do for you. This tech uses bones conduction to send sound along your finger and into your ear. It’s spy-ish and stylish, And only you can hear the sound.

ORII smart ring is durable, lightweight and also designed to be worn comfortable. The tiny device is wory-free because it is splash-proof and made of scratch-resistant anodized aluminum. Also, it comes in 3 colors the could match your style.

See below video to watch the device in action.

It supports android 4.4 and above, And iOS 9 and above.

Will you rock or not? 


  1. What an awesome device! It is just fantastic to see all these high tech gadgets being made available to us. I would love to have that smart ring. I will be on the lookout on when it will be available in my area. Thanks for the honest review.

  2. Technology never ceases to surprise!
    I could have never imagined all of that happening at the touch of a finger..amazing!


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