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Here we update you with the latest smartphone Full specification and Prices. Also recommend best smartphone to purchase depending on your budget.

See Full Specification Of iTel Prime 3 With 6000mAh

An upgraded version of old Android OS is expected to be running on smartphones or tablets coming out this season, Not just laying more emphasis on the battery alone. The device is announced this...

Checkout The Top 3 Smartphones With Fingerprint Scanner, That Range Below N35,000

Due to crises and economic issues in the country some of us can't afford a higher standard smartphones. So, Recently I embark on a research to gather some list of the top smartphones with...

Copycats: VKWorld Z3310 Looks Exactly Like Newly Launched Nokia 3310

Few weeks ago when Nokia launched the re-branded version of Nokia 3310 whose price have scared away Nokia Fans all around the world from purchasing this old device. But the Chinese never stop to...

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