Are you among the ones that love to see their smartphone brightness level even while in the dark?.

Have you noticed you can involuntarily close your left eye and open the right one. But you find it difficult to close the right one while the left one is opened… Or vice versa?

Also, Have you noticed that when you closely look at your smartphone for a while and then when you lift your head, You find that your eyes are kind of blurry?

Late at night, You cradle your smartphone in your hands for use while the lights are out, the glaring screen is bright enough for your eyes to see whatever you are reading or scrolling at.

Research made it clear that Using a smartphone at night, in the dark, especially during bedtime, can actually cause the feeling of “transient smartphone blindness”

Always Remember that your eyes are very important and I don’t want you to go blind or temporary blind.

Safety Precautions

  1. In the dark, Always Reduce the brightness of your smartphone to the lowest level in order to avoid stories that touch and affect the economy of your pocket.
  2. For those who uses a Laptop, You’ll notice that your eyes are gradually being affected, Maybe because you stay much longer on your Pc and as a result, it’s affecting your vision. So, Reduce your system brightness to the minimum.


Protect your eyes jealously cuz ‘ E no dy for Jumia ‘.



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