Nobody has been talking about this recently, But do you know that Airtel BB full plan 3gb for N1000 still works on android devices?… It is the best data plan an Android users can ever use because it is cheap and it doesn’t Zap.

This plan has been up and running for a very longtime and it seems a lot of you has forgotten about it. Although, this plan require you to tweak your imei for it to work on android devices. So, if you can tweak your imei you can be using this blackberry plan for life until they decided to stop the plan.

Etisalat, MTN, & Glo have already stopped their own BB plan but Airtel NG is still welcoming new blackberry owners. Comparing Airtel BlackBerry plan and Android Data, Airtel BB data will last longer because it doesn’t zap.

How To Active Airtel BlackBerry Plan

Dial *141# and select blackberry to activate this plan.

Tweak your phone imei to use this plan

How many of you still use it….?


  1. Yeah, Tomi, nobody has actually been talking of this lately. Am glad you did.

    This data is (almost) perfect, but according to subscribers; they’re not comfortable with the tweaking of IMEI stuff…..

    Personally, am not even comfortable with it….

    Not after I’ve read and studied the dangers of tweaking an IMEI.

    In the real sense, if some network providers are not slaying us, we wouldn’t be bothered about Free Browsing Cheats, and all this twiki twiki nah…

    Like you said, the major reason why Airtel’s 3GB for 1000 still works is that Airtel has been gracious enough to have not disabled it’s BlackBerry Internet Subscription (BIS) like other networks providers.



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